Which Tent Is Right For Me?

Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent

Pole Tents

Can only be used when each pole can be staked into the ground.

  • Has at least one pole in the center of the tent
  • Great for backyards
  • Works on: Any stake-able surface such as grass, gravel, asphalt

Kingwood Center Wedding

High Peak Pole Tent

Recommended for weddings.

  • Bright white,
  • Higher peaks in center for a more elegant and open look
  • Works on: Any stake-able surface such as grass, gravel, asphalt

Ohio Frame Tent Wedding

Frame Tents

Can be weighted down instead of staked, or staked into the ground. If the tent cannot be staked, added rental of water barrels or cement blocks needed.

  • No center poles inside the tent, instead the tent is held up with framework.
  • Great for driveways.
  • Works on: Any surface such as concrete, brick, grass, gravel, asphalt

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Tent for Your Next Event

tent rental in ohio1. Keep Your Guests Dry

Technology and science has come a long way, but we still haven't gotten much better at predicting the weather. You'll likely have set the date for your event long before even the most reliable meteorologist would be willing to give a prediction on rain. It's not just making sure your guests stay dry, it's also about not having to spend the weeks leading up to your event worried they might get wet. Life's too short to spend fretting about things we can't control. By choosing a tent you can have your event in the beautiful outdoor setting of your choice, and be sure that everyone will stay comfortably dry.

2. Keep Your Cool (and everyone else's too)

Everyone thinks rain prevention when renting a tent, but another major factor is heat from the sun. In those days of summer (and late spring and early fall) a tent will provide much needed shade so everyone can enjoy the party, not wilt in the heat. Plus, remember, we're in Ohio. It's completely possible you'll be contending with blazing sunshine and pouring rain at the very same party. Tents perfectly transition between both.

3. Tents Add a Touch Elegance and a Tone of Celebration

Whether your event is evening formal or kid's birthday party, choosing the right type of tent will be the crowning detail on your event's theme. Nothing says splendor like crisp white peaks and tea lights and what child doesn't get excited feeling like the circus has come to their backyard to celebrate their big day.

4. Combine the Nature's Beauty with the Comforts of Indoors

And you don't even have to ruin the view. We all love a fresh breeze, trees and hills, but we also like to sit at tables and chairs and have the coziness of a roof over our heads.

5. Makes Clean Up a Breeze

No doubt you've hosted parties in your house. Don't you wish that you could just magically make all of the mess go away? Hosting an event in a tent is a great way to do that. All of the spills land on the grass, and after the party is over, we come and take everything else away.

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