Interested in booking a Prestige Tent for Your Event?

  1. Plan your party size and location of your tent
  2. Call or e-mail for a written estimate
  3. Read over our Terms and Conditions
  4. Place a 35% non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation
  5. We contact you the week of your event to schedule your delivery day and time frame
  6. Contact OUPS to mark underground Utilies 3-7 days before your party - (Dial 811 or follow the link) - You are advising us where to put your tent, so you are working WITH us for your event
  7. Balance is due upon delivery



You booked with Prestige, now what?  

  • 5 days before the event, Homeowner is responsible for calling 811, or visiting to fill out a ticket for underground utilities to be marked on your property where your party location will be.  Remember, you are advising us on your tent location, therefore, you are working WITH us for this project. OUPS needs a minimum of 48 hrs notice before tent is set to be installed, but no more than 7 days. Please leaving markings where OUPS places them.
  • The homeowner is responsible for showing Prestige where any sprinklers, septic, or downspouts may be near the party location upon arrival with equipment.
  • Make sure the area is clear for equipment to be brought in and set up.
  • Do not mow the day of install. We recommend mowing 2 days before install, or after installation so grass clippings are not on the tent.    
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