Wet Summer

July 20, 2017

It is nearing the end of July and I am happy to say we have finally had about 2 days in a row without rain!  Maybe we can go for 3? - This summer sure has been a wet one for the most part.  Rain during a wedding is never fun, which is why it is great to have a back up plan if your ceremony or reception are outside.  We have tents that will work for your ceremony, caterer, and/or your full reception.  Having a wedding for 400? We can cover you! Not enough space in that beautiful barn you rented to have your caterer as well as your guests, gifts, bar, and dance floor (we rent those too!)?  We would be happy to set up that tent outside the venue for your food.  

Just love the look of your location and don't want a tent to break that view? - Prestige has an answer for that too.  We have clear top panels for our clear span structure tent.  This way you can still see the sky above you as well.  

Lucky you, it isn't supposed to rain? Well, just remember that our tents also block that hot summer sun from making all your groomsmen sweat through their suits (gross!).  I am sure you booked a wonderful photographer that can edit those marks out, but you still have to see them (and smell them) through out your day.  Not to mention, think of grandma sitting out in the straight sun for an hour... she is not going to be chipper very long.  If she is anything like my grandma, she will also let you know her feelings of having an outdoor ceremony on a sunny day.  

So when planning your wedding, be prepared.  Remember, we live in Ohio... one day you are wearing your Northface fleece, and the next flip flops.  Tents are great for all weather, not just this rain we have been having.    

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